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Nebraska man jailed for solicitation of children

WORTHINGTON -- A $2,500 bond was set Wednesday for a Nebraska man accused of soliciting and engaging in electronic communication with minors to engage in sexual conduct.

Michael Kevin Tramp, 49, is charged with four felony counts after a month-long investigation into text messages and phone calls received by two teenage girls from Nobles County.

The complaint states a woman contacted the Nobles County Sheriff's Office to report a man having conversations via cell phone with her 13-year-old daughter. In a statement from the girl, a deputy learned she had received text messages from a man she knew only as Kevin. She said she had no idea who Kevin was the first time he sent a message, but believes he got her number from the friend of a friend.

The girl said Kevin sent her pornographic pictures and asked her for phone sex, telling her he was 28 years old. She said he offered her money to send her pictures of herself and her friend performing sexual acts on one another and suggested they meet in a hotel room to have sex. At one, point he even sent her flowers with a card signed, "... love you very much, Kevin."

One of the girl's friends had also received messages from Kevin, some sexual in nature, but most questioning the whereabouts of her friend whenever she didn't answer her phone. The second girl's mother later called law enforcement and informed the deputy she was receiving messages from Kevin after she had allowed her daughter to use her phone during the controlled calls.

Another friend of the girl had also been in contact with Kevin; having seen some of the messages her younger friend was receiving, she sent Kevin messages to let him know how young her friend was and telling him to leave her alone.

Authorities made several controlled calls and conducted several controlled text message conversations with the man. A subpoena was served on the cell phone company and authorities learned Kevin was allegedly Tramp, who lives in Crofton, Neb., with his wife and children.

Tramp's next court appearance is scheduled for June 8 at the Prairie Justice Center.