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Brief: Sanford offers digital mammography

WORTHINGTON -- Sanford Breast Health Institute, in conjunction with Sanford Clinic Worthington and Sanford Regional Hospital Worthington, will offer mobile digital mammography beginning in June at both Worthington facilities.

"Mammography remains the best method of early breast cancer detection. We are anxious to have digital mammography available right here in Worthington. This screening aids physicians in detecting breast cancer even earlier when it is most treatable," stated Dr. Vijaya Nallani, family medicine physician at Sanford Clinic Worthington.

Digital mammography is the latest technology in the fight against breast cancer. This front line technology uses a powerful computer to create superior, high quality images of the breast -- increasing the physician's ability to detect cancer earlier when it is most treatable.

To learn more about digital mammography in the area, call 372-3800.