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Brief: City to begin street projects

WORTHINGTON -- Milling and bituminous overlay work is scheduled to begin Monday on Turner Street, from Clary Street to Eleventh Avenue, and proceed to other streets, as follows:

Ninth Avenue from Winifred Street to Eighth Avenue;

E. Ninth Avenue from 10th Street to 11th Street;

Smith Avenue from Clary Street to north 430feet; and

Third Avenue from 11th Street to 12th Street (This work will be done after 5:15 p.m.)

Weather permitting and construction proceeding as planned, a majority of the street work should be completed in approximately one week.

Each street location will be closed to traffic on a block per block basis during construction activities.

No parking will be allowed when construction work is in progress on the streets. Streets will be reopened as soon as the new bituminous surface has adequately cooled.

Motorists are urged to reduce their speed, watch for construction equipment and drive carefully in the construction zone. Be prepared to stop when approaching the work areas.