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Lowry memorialized in lakeshore park

WORTHINGTON -- Throughout her lifetime, the late Fredi Lowry demonstrated her dedication to her community -- lugging a tripod and video camera to countless events and meetings while employed by the local cable TV station, writing about community happenings in her Daily Globe column and talking about them on local a radio program, organizing tours through the local library, putting on puppet shows for local children and volunteering for various church programs and community functions.

And now, her community will dedicate something to Fredi -- the gazebo in Freedom Shore Veterans Memorial Park. A dedication ceremony will be 1 p.m. Friday at the park, located along South Shore Drive in Worthington.

A new gazebo was erected in the park before Memorial Day last year -- about the time of Fredi's death on May 15, 2009 -- replacing a worn-out structure. Donations for the new gazebo were subsequently sought by the Freedom Veterans Memorial Committee in memory of Fredi.

"The original gazebo, the Lowry family actually paid for and funded that," explained Shawn Rubsam Moore of Brooklyn Park, a friend of the Lowry family who is helping to organize the dedication ceremony, "and the park is in their neighborhood, and the lake and South Shore were so important to the Lowry family."

Fredi's husband, the late Raymond Lowry II, as well as his father and brothers, were all veterans, adding to the significance of the park to the Lowry family, Moore added.

At a cost of about $10,000, the new gazebo is constructed of long-lasting PVC and vinyl. It was furnished last summer with handicapped-accessible picnic tables and a bench, thanks to a donation from Richard and Barb Atchison on behalf of the South Shore and Crossroads care centers in Worthington. South Shore Care Center is located across the street from the park, and it is often utilized by the facility's residents.

"It's a beautiful structure," said Moore. "They did a nice job with using recycled materials, and it looks like it will last forever."

For the dedication, a plaque with Fredi's name has been added to the structure. In addition to members of the Lowry family, Moore hopes Fredi's friends and neighbors turn out for Friday's tribute.

"It's basically going to be a brief memorial service, and I'm going to talk a little bit about Fredi, about her being a great role model," Moore explained. "She was the ultimate everything -- mother, den mother, worker, professional, community activist. She was the ultimate woman who could do it all and do it well."

A couple of Fredi's close friends will also speak briefly, and there will be an opportunity for others who knew Fredi to say a few words.

"It will all be fairly informal," stressed Moore.

Beth Rickers

Beth Rickers is the veteran in the newspaper staff with 25 years as the Daily Globe's Features Editor. Interests include cooking, traveling and beer tasting and making with her home-brewing husband, Bryan. She writes an Area Voices blog called Lagniappe, which is a Creole term that means "a little something extra." It can be found at  

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