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Inspectors help fight invasives

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. - Allison Schweizer is passionate about stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species in waterways.

In fact, she traveled all the way from Indiana to work for the Beaver Creek Reserve this summer at five locations: Bass Lake, Cedar Lake, Squaw Lake, Lake Mallalieu and the St. Croix River. She started working near the end of May.

Her job is to bring up the idea of preventing and stopping the spread of AIS by checking boats before and after they are used. On July 1, she inspected boats at Cedar Lake with the help of the chairman of the Cedar Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, Bob Goodlad.

The Cedar Lake District is involved with the project.

"We have partially funded Allison," Goodlad said.

According to him, Cedar Lake is in fairly good condition when it comes to AIS.

When asked how she found out about the opportunity to inspect for AIS, Schweizer said, "They sent the opportunity to my school."

Schweizer attends Indiana University and is double majoring in environmental management and history, with several minors, one of which is biology.

Her job is keeping her busy, she said.

"There have been days where I've had like 80 (boats)," she said, adding that weekends were busiest.