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Cottonwood County Drug Task Force seizes indoor grow operation

Justine Wettschreck/Daily Globe Cottonwood County Drug Task Force seized various grow equipment that included exhaust vents and potting soil among other marijuana growing materials.1 / 2
Justine Wettschreck/Daily Globe During the raid, officials found multiple marijuana grow instructional books as well as a bag of Pine-Sol soaked marijuana shown above the books.2 / 2

WINDOM -- Members of the Cottonwood County Drug Task Force were busy writing reports Thursday after seizing an indoor marijuana grow operation Wednesday night from a Windom apartment.

Jason Corey Vazquez, 31, and Jessica Marie Vazquez, 26, are charged with fifth-degree possession and sale of marijuana in Cottonwood County District Court.

The complaint states a probation officer asked to search Jason's apartment pursuant to a probation agreement in an unrelated case. The probation officer was shown several pill bottles that appeared to contain marijuana, which Jason allegedly admitted was his.

Based on that information, the drug task force executed a search warrant at the Fourth Avenue apartment.

In the kitchen garbage can, the agents found a bag of marijuana that weighed more than two pounds. It had been doused with Pine Sol in an attempt to mask the smell from a narcotics K9 unit, and the bottle was still inside the bag.

In the bathroom, agents discovered a room that had been walled off with plywood. A ventilation system and extension cords were running down from the ceiling. Agents also found four gallons of plant food and bags of Miracle-Gro soil. They later seized ventilating equipment, electrical cords, soil testing equipment, plant food, money, small grow pots and various growing equipment.

Also located and seized was an assortment of books and magazines: "The Marijuana Growers Bible," "Marijuana Success Indoors," "The Cannabible," High Times magazine, the "2006 High Times Strain Guide" and Skunk magazine were all seized, along with manuals and information on basic electrical wiring.

On Jessica's phone, authorities found several dozen pictures of marijuana with a dozen plants in some of the photos. Most appeared to have been taken in the walled-off room, and each was date stamped. The pictures had been taken over a period of several months.

When arrested Thursday, Jason allegedly stated he was part of the grow operation in the apartment. He stated the marijuana found in the trash had been in their possession for about a month.