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Tornadoes damage farmsteads south of Wahpeton-Breckenridge

TYLER, N.D. - Tornadoes severely damaged at least two farmsteads near here Saturday evening, leaving one family still searching for their pickup truck.

One tornado touched down about 6:25 p.m. near Tyler, which is between Wahpeton and Fairmount, said Greg Gust, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

A minute later, another tornado touched down east, southeast of there between Tyler and Campbell, Minn., Gust said.

No injuries were reported.

There was sustained tornadic activity for 30 minutes, Gust said. There were at least three distinct tornadoes Saturday evening, possibly more, Gust said. The Weather Service will send teams to investigate today.

Wilkin County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Nack recorded video of one of the tornadoes.

It looks like a still photo because it was going so slow, Nack said.

The full extent of the storm damage was still being determined late Saturday. Crews were out repairing downed power lines.

Dave Langenwalter and his son, Joseph, were in their basement when the tornado damaged their house, a shop and several other buildings, said Langenwalter's co-worker, Wes Enkers.

The family dog died in the storm, Enkers said.

Across the river in Minnesota, the Al Kosel family had significant damage to their home and lost four or five other buildings, said Wilkin County Sheriff's Deputy Tony Harris. The family was in Wahpeton when the storm hit, Harris said.

A pickup and the barn it was parked in were nowhere to be found Saturday, Harris said.

Amy Kuehl, who lives near the Kosels, decided to drive away from the storm with her boyfriend and her two children.

"It was too close for comfort," Kuehl said.