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Agreement set in dog abuse trial

HUDSON, Wis. - A man charged with felony mistreatment of a dog causing the animal's death will forgo a jury trial and accept a plea agreement.

Michael J. Wondra, 26, appeared in St. Croix County Circuit Court Monday morning for a final conference before a scheduled jury trial Sept. 2-3.

Public defender Joseph R. Caton Jr., told the court he had his client's authority to accept an agreement offered by the state and Wondra would enter a plea on Sept. 2 instead of going to trial.

As part of the deal, Wondra will drop the not guilty by reason of insanity portion of the two part plea he made April 21 and plead guilty or no contest to the state's offer.

Judge Howard W. Cameron set the plea hearing for Sept. 2 and cancelled the jury trial.

Wondra is accused of sticking a soup ladle into a dog's rectum Jan. 1 and leaving it tied to a tree. A neighbor heard the dog yelping in pain and reported the incident.