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Fatal shooting by Duluth officer found justified

DULUTH - Scott County Attorney Pat Ciliberto has found that the Aug. 5 shooting of 17-year-old Joey Carl by Duluth Police Officer Jeffery Keast was justified.

Ciliberto was asked to review the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigation of the shooting to avoid any conflict of interest.

Keast shot Carl once in the chest late Aug. 5 after Carl had apparently smashed Keast's patrol car with a bat in a fit of rage, including knocking out the driver's side window. Carl died in the street near his parent's Norton Park home.

The report was released this morning. Duluth police have scheduled 2 p.m. news conference on the finding.

According to the county attorney's finding, "Officer Keast arrived at the location and was immediately set upon by Joseph Carl. ... Carl immediately attacked the squad car, smashing the windshield, passenger mirror and hood. ... Carl then proceeded to chase the squad car as Officer Keast attempted to reverse out of the situation. ... When Officer Keast struck another vehicle and was unable to move, Joseph Carl proceeded to the driver's side of the squad as Officer Keast ordered Joseph Carl to put the bat down. ... Carl ignored the officer's demands and smashed out the driver's side window, narrowly missing Officer Keast's head. As Joseph Carl was in the process of swinging at Officer Keast's head again, Officer Keast discharged his firearm."