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Adrian man pleads guilty to third DWI

WORTHINGTON -- An Adrian man who pleaded guilty to driving while impaired for the third time Monday told Judge Jeffrey Flynn he hopes to be accepted into Teen Challenge, a faith-based program for those with drug and alcohol problems.

Bradley Daniel John, 49, has been charged with driving while impaired at least six times in his life, and has used plea agreements to have the drinking and driving charges dismissed on several occasions. John told Flynn he has battled with drinking issues since the 1970s, and first joined Alcoholics Anonymous back then.

He said he remembered going in front of the judge shortly after Flynn was sworn in.

"I've been dealing you for 25 years?" Flynn responded.

John admitted he had consumed several beers before driving his motor home two blocks in Adrian, but when he pulled into a yard, a police officer was behind him.

The plea agreement, which Flynn accepted, would dismiss a felony and a gross misdemeanor on the condition John pleaded guilty to a felony DWI. The prosecution will recommend a sentence at the low end of the guidelines, while John and his attorney will argue for a dispositional departure after the pre-sentence investigation is complete.

John said he had been living at Prairie House for the last couple of years, and an advocate for Teen Challenge was trying to get him into the 13-month program. He admitted to doing his best to avoid drinking.

"I get my best results when I'm on probation or parole," he stated.

He told Flynn he did fully expect to do prison time, and his understanding of the guidelines would put the lower end of the scale at 51 months. Both the prosecution and the defense will have the opportunity to argue their points during the sentencing hearing, which will take place at a later date.

John's previous charges over the last 25 years include burglary, escaping from custody, driving after cancellation and assault in counties including Nobles, Cottonwood, Redwood and Jackson.