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Commissioners take no action on deputy request

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WORTHINGTON -- With continued concerns about the 2011 budget, Nobles County Commissioners took no action Tuesday morning on a request by Sheriff Kent Wilkening to replace a deputy sheriff's position within the department.

Wilkening has been a deputy short of a 12-member staff since the end of May, when his night sergeant retired. Commissioners approved filling that position from within, and when Wilkening moved his full-time investigator into the slot, commissioners then allowed him to fill the investigator position from within.

With both of those transitions now complete, it leaves a patrol deputy position vacant.

"In my budget proposal, I did request this position for 2011," Wilkening told the board. "If this position isn't replaced, I need to start making changes in my schedule for the deputies. I'm also going to have to make arrangements to cover shifts with overtime because I'm not going to leave these guys out there by themselves."

More information will be available in tomorrow's Daily Globe.

Julie Buntjer

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