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Update: Oops! Magic of Christmas Medallion found - by accident

Barbara Gray of Worthington shows the basket she won by finding the ornament for the Magic of Christmas Medallion Hunt Wednesday. (Kari Lucin/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON -- The sky was dark, she didn't have her glasses on, and she wasn't even searching, but Barbara Gray of Worthington found the glittery ornament early Wednesday morning, bringing an end to the 2010 Magic of Christmas Medallion Hunt.

"How did people who drove by it in daylight not see it?" Barbara wondered.

Though Barbara had spent some time medallion-hunting, she spotted the sparkling blue-and-white snowflake ornament on her way home -- after she had stopped searching for it. She was in her car at an intersection when she looked around and spied the holiday medallion hanging from a tiny shrub in the old Campbell's Soup Parking Lot.

"I never win these things," Gray said. "There's that part of you that's a medallion hunter that scans everything."

Gray's search effort had centered on the former location of Textile Treasures, because of the word "treasure" in one of the clues. She also investigated the garland around the courthouse, despite the fresh tracks around it that had likely been left by other medallion hunters.

But in the end, looking both ways at an intersection was what won Gray the gift basket, which included at least $500 worth of items practical and fun, from a shovel, a pair of fuzzy socks, a glasses case, gloves, an ice scraper and dishtowels, to packages of meat snacks, a teddy bear, a cookbook, a wine bag, a Christmas ornament and much more. The basket was sponsored by the Marketing/Visitors Committee of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is a division of the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce.

When she found the medallion, Gray posted a coy message on Facebook hinting about her success and sent an e-mail to the Chamber office to let them know it had been discovered.

She stopped by the office later in the day to look over her prizes, noting several of them would be appreciated by her husband, Climent, and her children, Brandon, 14, and Terrance, 11.

Gray participates in all the local medallion hunts, including the Worthington Police Department Challenge and the King Turkey Day Medallion, but has never found one before.

"This one's harder because it's so cold out," Gray said.

It's even colder when she searches at 4 a.m. in the morning -- the easiest time to search given her work schedule as a medical laboratory technician at Sanford Medical Center Worthington.

Gray plans to keep searching for more medallions in the future. And any medallions she finds will go straight onto her Christmas tree.

The remaining two clues for the medallion hunt were:

  • A tiny ornament is hidden, in the lot where they park- it, to sell their homegrown items at the Farmer's Market.
  • It is hanging there in the little, snow covered shrub, on the end of Tenth Street, in Worthington's shopping hub.