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Planning Commission approves permit requests

WORTHINGTON -- The Nobles County Planning Commission approved two conditional use permits Wednesday night, including one request to construct a new feedlot near Wilmont.

Scott Schettler requested a permit to construct a 40- by 128-foot monosloped-roof livestock shed to house 150 cattle in the north half of the northwest quarter of Section 23, Wilmont Township.

"I plan on purchasing weaned Holstein steers at eight weeks old and raise them to 600 pounds and then sell them as feeder cattle," Schettler told commission members. Younger calves will likely have permanent access indoors, he added.

The farm where the barn will be built currently does not house livestock. Schettler was required to apply for a permit because the facility is 40 feet shy of the required quarter-mile setback for a feedlot. There was no opposition presented regarding Schettler's request, and commissioners approved it unanimously with one condition -- that Schettler adhere to the good neighbor policy.

The conditional use permit must now go before the Nobles County Board of Commissioners for final approval. That request will be made at the March 8 board meeting.

Also on Wednesday night, the planning commission granted initial approval of a permit for AT&T Corp., Mokena, Ill., to move a 26- by 14-foot telecommunications building onto land in the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 28, Larkin Township.

Danny Cossich, vice president of real estate for Linderlake Corp., a land acquisition company, represented AT&T in making the request.

The brick building will be located on a 2-acre parcel along County State Aid Highway 14, just west of CSAH 15, he said.

"We're only going to be utilizing about a half-acre of the property -- the remainder will continue to be farmed," Cossich told the commission.

The building will be moved onto the property and will be surrounded by a chain-link fence, with a gravel base added to prevent weed growth. The building will house equipment for the company's cable route that stretches from Sioux Falls, S.D., to Minneapolis.

"We need to have sites on the route to boost the cable," Cossich said. "We have four sites that we're installing along the cable route."

Since the plan met all of the setback requirements, no conditions were placed on the request. Final approval will also be requested from the Nobles County Board on March 8.

Julie Buntjer

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