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Two charged in controlled drug buy

WORTHINGTON -- Two locals caught in a controlled drug buy a year ago were charged this week with the possession and sale of methamphetamine in connection with the buy, which was arranged through the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

According to court documents, Boualy Lone Khunsap, 26, and Bang Thammalong, 28, each face four felony-level controlled substance charges.

The complaint states a BCA agent made arrangements for a confidential informant (CI) to purchase 7 grams of meth from Thammalong for $850 in March 2010. The agent and agents from the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force met with the CI so the CI could be equipped with a transmitting and recording device and given $850 in prerecorded buy money.

The CI called Thammalong and made arrangements to meet her at a residence on Dover Street. Through the listening device, the agents could hear the CI ask Thammalong where her friend was -- the person who was providing the meth. After talking for several minutes about why the meth was not ready, Thammalong allegedly told the CI she would make contact when it was available.

Approximately 15 minutes after the CI had left the residence, a text message was received from Thammalong's phone telling the CI to "come over."

The CI returned to Dover Street and met Thammalong, and the agents allegedly heard Thammalong ask if the CI was FBI. She then allegedly asked the CI to lift the CI's shirt to check for body wire. Shortly afterward, she made a phone call and told someone, "I don't know."

Moments later, a vehicle pulled up next to the residence, and a man the agents recognized as Khunsap got out and went inside. Agents heard the CI greet the man, count out $850 and give it to Thammalong.

Agents met with the CI at a predetermined location, and the CI gave them a small baggie that field tested for 7.2 grams of meth.

Khunsap has a felony possession of burglary tools conviction from 2005 for which he was released from probation in 2009 and was convicted of domestic assault in January of this year. His driver's license was suspended in November for failure to pay court fines. He is scheduled to make a court appearance on the drug charges this month and is also scheduled for a probation violation hearing.