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School board discusses aging gym floor

WORTHINGTON -- The Worthington High School gymnasium floor has been utilized for more than 50 years.

Over the years the floor has had some maintenance done, but has recently been displaying signs of moisture, a cause of concern at District 518's school board meeting Tuesday.

The floor has been moving for the past four or five years, according to Dave Skog, Director of Management Services.

The movement has increased rapidly within the last two months due to increased levels of moisture in the floor. However, the source of the moisture is unknown, leading some members of the board and superintendent John Landgaard to question whether it is time to get a new gym floor.

"With the age of the floor, one of my biggest concerns is what else is under there (the floor)," board member, Linden Olson, expressed.

The unknown poses the biggest challenge for the board.

It would cost an estimated $25,000 to repair the gym floor if the board would decide pursue that route. The repairs would include the installation of a fan system.

Replacing the gym floor and moving the bleachers would cost approximately $84,514. The cost of replacing the current floor, enhancing the graphics and court layout and installing a fan system could place the total cost at an estimated $93,000.

The funding for the repair or replacement of the floor would be derived from the general fund or deferred maintenance fund.

With impending projects such as the tennis courts and replacement of the Prairie Elementary parking lot, there is concern on how the district will be able to fund the projects.

Nevertheless, Olson motioned that the administration begin seeking quotes for a new gym floor.

"Ultimately, if we put the fan system in there's no evidence it could solve our problem," Skog added. "It could make our problems more evident."

In other business, the board Tuesday:

* Approved the student/teacher nursing contract with Minnesota State University

* Approved an agreement with the Memorial Auditorium

* Approved the postage meter 60 month lease renewal with Pitney Bowes

* Approved the Southwest and West Central Service Cooperative contract for 2011-2012

lApproved the Nobles County Integration Collaborative budget proposal for 2011-2012

* Approved a letter of understanding with Education Minnesota regarding the payroll change of moving to semi-monthly pay periods

* Approved the authority to seek bids for the tennis courts

* Approved Minnesota Energy contracts

* Approved a technology contract with Southwest and West Central Service Cooperative for technology services two days per month

* Approved the first reading of policy 641 student acceleration to higher level athletic activities policy and police 412 expense reimbursement.

The student acceleration activities policy will establish a process students will take while moving from middle school sports to high school sports.

The expense reimbursement would establish a limit on the amount of gratuity staff could provide and still be reimbursed by the district.