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Woman accused of discharging firearm in home

LUVERNE -- A 49-year-old Beaver Creek woman was charged this week with discharging a firearm and reckless use of a firearm after an incident that took place Saturday.

The charges against Roxie Renae Canfield state she intentionally discharged a firearm within a municipality and recklessly handled a firearm so as to endanger the safety of others.

According to the criminal complaint, deputies from the Rock County Sheriff's Office responded to a call regarding a woman who had fired a gun in the caller's home, shooting the floor in an upstairs bedroom.

When a deputy arrived, the caller was standing outside. He informed the deputy he had the gun that had been fired and one of his own.

He provided authorities with the Taurus .38 Special revolver and his own .40 cal Springfield.

After Canfield was secured in a squad car, the deputies returned to the home to find out what had happened.

The complainant led them to an upstairs bedroom and showed them where Canfield had allegedly fired the gun.

A glass table had shattered and a piece of the bullet was found on the floor.

The complainant said he and Canfield had been arguing, then she left and was drinking heavily at a bar.

When she returned, she was helped to bed. The complainant later heard a gunshot come from the upstairs bedroom and did not know if she had killed herself or what was going on, he said.

He went upstairs and found she was not shot, collected the guns and called 911.

When the first deputy arrived at the scene, she found Canfield in the front portion of the house.

After being told to stay where she was, Canfield allegedly walked into the kitchen and toward a dark room on the other side, and when the deputy tried to stop her, she resisted arrest.

She was handcuffed and put in the squad car, where she allegedly told the deputy the gun had discharged accidentally.

When asked how much she had to drink, she responded, "Not enough, probably a six-pack."

Canfield was transported to the emergency room for an exam, where she became belligerent.

Because of her inebriated state, a behavioral health admission was not appropriate, so Canfield was transported to the Nobles County Jail.

During the trip she removed her seatbelt and started head butting and kicking the seat.

She was resecured and shackles were added, but according to the report, she cried and yelled all the way to Worthington, making various statements to the deputies about committing suicide and "taking you with me," referring to a deputy.

On Monday, Canfield was released on her own recognizance with conditions she not possess firearms and abstain from alcohol and drug use.

An application for a public defender was approved, and Canfield's next court appearance is scheduled for April 4.