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Citations: April 2, 2011

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County

March 28: Agustin Alberto Iracheta, Windom, domestic assault, driving after revocation; Jacob Michael Freitag, Mountain Lake, driving while impaired (2)

March 29: Joe Khunsap, Worthington, give false name to peace officer

March 30: Scott Michael Hofius, Morristown, theft, second-degree burglary, theft of a motor vehicle; Travis Jake Hanson, Windom, theft (2); Donald Paul Knigge, Windom, driving after suspension, driving while impaired (2)

Murray County

March 24: Devon Allen Maras, Slayton, domestic assault

March 28: Beatriz Espinoza, Worthington, speed greater than reasonable; Mary Jane Bleyenberg, Chandler, vehicle registration required, violate provisional license; Shauna Lee Bjorklund, Tracy, vehicle registration required, violate provisional license

Nobles County

March 28: Juan Reynoso Chumil, Worthington, driving without a valid license, give false name to peace officer; Michael Shawn Kermmoade, Worthington, fourth-degree intentional damage to property; Brent Jacob Berger, Worthington, fourth-degree intentional damage to property; Thomas Robert Reynolds, Worthington, driving while impaired, test refusal, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety; Balmun Ezekial Gaya, New Brighton, test refusal, driving while impaired, driving after cancellation, speeding

Pipestone County

March 15: Kyra Brouwer, Jasper, issue dishonored check

March 17: Ron Henning, Lake Wilson, issue dishonored check; Orlando Carbajal, Pipestone, contempt of court

March 22: Trudi Dawn Kuehl, Verdi, theft by swindle, check forgery (2), financial transaction card fraud

March 28: Roman Jeffery Derby, Pipestone, disorderly conduct, under 21 consumption

March 29: Jeremy Lee Walter, Pipestone, domestic assault

Rock County

March 25: Sean Christopher Johnson, Luverne, violates order for protection within 10 years of previous conviction, violates order for protection

March 30: Joseph James Benson, Luverne, driving after revocation; Mary Catherine Swenson, Luverne, mistreat animals; Nathan Wayne Krohe, Luverne, driving after revocation