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ALC celebrations National Library Week

Brittany workman /Daily Globe Tanya Ramirez, a senior at the Area Learning Center, browses through some of the books available at the ALC's new library which will be available to students starting this week.

WORTHINGTON -- District 518 couldn't commence its celebration of National Library Week in better than by opening another school library. Students at the Area Learning Center will be able to celebrate The American Library Association's national celebration in fine fashion this year as they will now have their own in-house library.

"I believe literacy is very important aspect in the learning process," stated assistant principal of the ALC, Nate Hanson, of the school's efforts to organize a library.

The ALC had a library in previous school years, but its book collection was running low and more organization was need.

Hanson --who is in his first year as assistant principal --along with teacher and student input, funding from the district and assistance from library and media specialists, helped bring the library back to operation.

"There are students who want to read and we just need to get books in their hands," noted Maggie Kraemer, Library and Media Specialist for District 518.

Kraemer also added that students at the ALC will not just be limited to their book collection, but will also have access to resources to the three other libraries in the district.

"We want give students as many opportunities as we can and promote leisure reading," she added.

The library's collection has started out small, but it already features popular works and donated books from Worthington High School's book club.

"We hope to increase students' reading levels and help them continue to a passion for reading, which is a lifetime skill," Hanson added.

"The students are excited about learning about new books and news authors, and we hope that will only further inspire them to be successful at school. We hope to continue to build upon our library and to keep up students' interest in reading"

The library will be in operation as of today.

Students will be assisted by library and media specialists Shirley Weime and Pat Ahlberg on Monday and Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. and from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.