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Charges filed in two separate meth cases

WORTHINGTON -- Two alleged methamphetamine dealers were arrested last week, with approximately 34 grams of meth and more than $11,000 in cash located by Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agents.

With the assistance of an undercover officer, agents made arrangements to purchase meth from a target, Brad Mayefske, 40, of Worthington, on May 17. The undercover officer made arrangements via text message to meet with Mayefske to purchase two "eight-balls" of meth in a parking lot, the complaint states.

The officer went to the parking lot at the arranged time, while agents conducted surveillance. Two motorcycles pulled into the parking lot, where Mayefske went up to the driver's door and motioned for his companion, Johnathon Kruse, 34, of Round Lake. Kruse pulled up next to the vehicle's passenger side and got inside. When the undercover officer gave a prearranged signal, task force agents moved in and arrested the two men.

Incident to his arrest, Mayefske was searched, and agents allegedly found 10 grams of meth and $11,830 in cash. On Kruse, agents found a meth pipe. The undercover officer gave the agents a cigarette box carrying the 7.3 grams of meth Kruse had allegedly handed over in the vehicle, and returned the $850 of prerecorded buy money.

At the law enforcement center, Mayefske admitted he had given the meth to Kruse because he was not comfortable with the deal, the complaint states.

Kruse, who is charged with second-degree controlled substance sale and possession of drug paraphernalia, has faced drug-related charges at least two other times.

He was convicted in 2005 of fifth-degree controlled substance possession, but received a stay of imposition. In 2006, he was charged with seven felonies ranging from possession of burglary tools to fleeing a peace officer.

In a plea agreement, he pleaded guilty to theft, property damage and receiving stolen property.

He was sentenced to 21 months in prison in 2007.

Mayefske has also faced drug charges before, and was sentenced in 2008 to 23 months in prison for storing meth paraphernalia in the presence of a child and aiding and abetting in theft.

In 2003, he was convicted of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Charges have not yet been filed against Mayefske in this case.

The following day, May 18, a Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agent made arrangements through a confidential informant (CI) to purchase a half ounce of meth from May Chantharath, 43, of Worthington.

During a text message conversation with the CI, Chantharath allegedly stated he was going to the grade to go fishing.

The agent and the CI met Chantharath at the grade, where the CI informed Chantharath he did not have papers -- money -- along. Chantharath went to his truck, grabbed a different fishing pole, then walked up to the CI and allegedly gave him a plastic baggie, which later field tested positive for 16.7 grams of meth and packaging.

He then went back to fishing. At that point, the agent approached and identified himself, then arrested Chantharath.

During an interview at the law enforcement center, Chantharath admitted giving the CI the meth, but said he received no payment.

He said he had planned to keep a gram out of the half ounce to smoke with the CI while he fished, then admitted he had torn a hole in the bottom of the bag and smoked some of the meth before the CI arrived.

He is charged with first-degree controlled substance sale and second-degree controlled substance possession.