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Warrant issued for Hills man

WORTHINGTON -- A warrant was issued Tuesday for the arrest of Mark Daniel Stewart, 28, of Hills, who is accused of burglary, intentional damage to property, trespassing and fleeing a peace officer on foot.

According to the criminal complaint, an officer responding to a report of suspicious people at Sunset Park Monday morning found a male slumped over the steering wheel of a white vehicle.

After waking the man up, the officer noted he exhibited signs consistent with someone who had recently used methamphetamine.

The man could not find his identification, but stated he was Stewart.

As Stewart looked through the car and in the trunk for his driver's license, the officer noticed the car appeared to be lived in.

While the officer went to check on Stewart's driver's license status, he told Stewart to remain where he was. Instead, Stewart began running toward Olson Park.

As he ran, he pulled off his shirt, dropping it near the bridge that enters the park. Near Nobles County 10, Stewart kicked off his shoes.

Other officers arrived and tried to locate Stewart, but were unsuccessful.

The responding officer, meanwhile, had received a driver's license photo of Stewart and confirmed it was the same person he had spoken to.

Later that afternoon, authorities were contacted by a homeowner near the park, who stated their house had been broken into.

After speaking with the homeowners, authorities discovered someone had broken into the garage, nailed the door shut and hung a sheet over the window, then entered the house.

The door into the garage appeared to be forced, then screws were used from the inside to hold the door closed.

Inside the home, a wooden dowel in the track of a sliding door had been removed and a toilet had been used and not flushed.

"Stewart ran from (an officer), broke into a residence, altered parts of that residence to avoid detection from law enforcement and has not been located," the complaint states. "Stewart appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance and appeared to be homeless. It is not believed he will respond to a summons."