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Luverne man charged with DWI, theft

LUVERNE -- A Luverne man with a driving while impaired (DWI) conviction from 2008 and a pending DWI case in Nobles County filed in March is now facing another DWI charge in Rock County.

Authorities arrested Austin Kruger, 26, on Sunday on a variety of charges. The complaint, filed Wednesday, contains charges of driving while impaired, theft, driving after revocation, open bottle, no proof of insurance, and operating an unregistered vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman called authorities to say her ex-boyfriend, Kruger, had refused to give back the key to her apartment when they had broken up several months ago, and that her home had been entered several times since.

She had returned one night to find someone had urinated on her bed.

She also stated after Kruger had been to her apartment to visit their children, her prepaid cell phone disappeared.

She had been informed by a relative that Kruger had the phone.

She had purchased a new phone, but indicated the phone company could do nothing to inactivate the first phone.

Kruger, she said, was intercepting her text messages, and when he had the old phone on, the new one did not work.

Kruger had purchased her a Mercury Mountaineer that was registered in her name, but she couldn't afford license plates or insurance, so had parked the vehicle.

Kruger had taken the vehicle to drive when his own broke down, but had a revoked license, she said.

The following day, the same deputy observed the Mountaineer travelling on Kniss Avenue, still displaying the plates the woman had described.

The deputy stopped the vehicle and noted Kruger driving.

Kruger produced a driver's license, but no proof of insurance.

He denied knowledge of his driving privileges being revoked.

Kruger initially denied knowing about a missing key or cell phone, but later allegedly admitted he had lost the key in a grove.

He retrieved the phone for the deputy.

Upon questioning, he admitted his conditions of release on the Nobles County charge included no drinking.

A breath test showed he had a blood alcohol concentration of .13.