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Three men arrested for assault in Worthington

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WORTHINGTON -- Clement Pierentino Wani was in town only eight or nine days before allegedly committing a violent crime, according to Nobles County Assistant Attorney Kimberly Pehrson.

Wani was one of three men charged Thursday in the robbery and assault of a man who was riding his bike on Clary Street in the early morning hours Wednesday. Wani, 21, was charged with simple robbery, aiding and abetting simple robbery, third-degree riot, fifth-degree assault and theft.

He and alleged co-conspirators Lotery Jonathan Heath, 25, of Worthington, and Kim David Reat, 20, appeared in Nobles County District Court for a bail hearing Thursday morning.

Heath was charged with attempted simple robbery, aiding and abetting simple robbery, third-degree riot and fifth-degree assault.

Reat was charged with aiding and abetting simple robbery, third-degree riot, unlawful assembly and obstructing the legal process.

The criminal complaint states authorities were called to Clary Street between Burlington and Grand Avenues shortly after midnight Wednesday to investigate a report of three men assaulting another man.

Near the scene, an officer encountered Reat and asked if he had seen anything.

Reat said he had seen a fight a block east but had not been involved.

The officer saw other people down the street to the east, and stopped to talk to them.

One of the men, later identified as Wani, was walking away.

When the officer stopped Wani, he observed that Wani's eyes were glassy and his speech was slurred.

Wani said he had not been in a fight, but the officer observed blood on his shirt and arm.

The officer turned Wani over to other officers and left to look for people who may have seen or been involved in the fight.

He found the victim and the victim's friend on Clary Street.

The victim was bleeding heavily from his face and head, had a large cut above his eye and one side of his face was swollen.

The victim didn't speak much English, but told the officer three men had assaulted him and tried to take his money and bicycle away from him.

He gave descriptions consistent with the appearance of Reat and Wani and positively identified Wani as one of his attackers when the suspect was brought to his location.

The officer located the person who had called the police. She said she saw Reat standing over the victim, and also saw another man stomping on the victim's chest and shoulder.

The witness said she could identify the other man because she had seen him in the neighborhood many times.

When shown a photo of Wani, she said he had been at the scene during the fight, but was not the man who had done the hitting.

After receiving her description of the man, the officer conferred with other authorities.

Based on the description, one of the officers thought the witness may be speaking of Heath, who was known to authorities and was often in Reat's company.

When the witness was shown a photo of Heath, she identified him as the man she saw beating the victim.

During a statement from the victim, he said he was riding down the street and a man, believed to be Heath, came up and took his bike.

When he tried to take it back, the man started punching and kicking him.

The second man, believed to be Wani, told the victim he wanted money and took the victim's cash, then punched him and took what he wanted.

Officers were unable to locate Heath immediately, but found Reat still walking.

When asked to tell them what had happened, Reat contradicted his earlier story and said he hadn't seen anything and was not on Clary Street.

When asked where Heath was, Reat refused to answer. He resisted arrest and had to be carried to a squad car because he refused to walk.

When Wani was searched, authorities found bills on his person that had blood on them.

He denied assaulting anyone.

During Thursday's hearing, Pehrson told Judge Jeffrey Flynn Wani had warrants for his arrest in Goodhue and Anoka counties, was unemployed and had only been in Worthington eight or nine days.

When asked if he had anything to say before bail was set, Wani stated, "I didn't do nothing."

Wani has five convictions for under 21 consumption in Anoka and Chisago counties.

Heath, who has previous convictions for disorderly conduct, has a pending trespassing case.

He told Flynn all of his previous crimes were alcohol related -- things done when he "was drunk and stupid."

In 2009, Reat was charged with riot and assault.

He was later convicted for assault and is currently on probation.

He owes the courts more than $1,000 in unpaid fines.

Bail for Reat and Heath, who are also unemployed, was set at $10,000, and for Wani was set at $20,000.

All three were granted public defenders.