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School coaches will get mandatory concussion training

WORTHINGTON -- The District 518 School Board Instructional Committee met Monday morning to discuss several issues, among them implementation of concussion training for high school coaches.

"One of the pieces that the legislators did accomplish this session was to pass the concussion law and procedures," said John Landgaard, District 518 Superintendent.

Worthington High School Principal Paul Karelis explained that most of the training will encompass identifying concussions as they occur.

Students who are diagnosed with a concussion will not be permitted to participate in sporting activities unless they have a doctor's note allowing otherwise.

"If there is a suspicion that there is a concussion, they (students) are not to go back in whatsoever," Landgaard said.

The statewide requirement is mandatory for coaches.

"It doesn't matter what sports you're in, concussions can occur and they can be real quick ... it is important for coaches to understand," added Landgaard, stressing the importance of the training.

Training will begin with head coaches, but Landgaard is hopeful for it to include all coaches.

In other business, the committee:

* Discussed the hiring of a special education coordinator by the end of the week.

* Discussed a fitness grant award amounting to $83,410 from Worthington Regional Healthcare Foundation. Fitness equipment will be utilized in the middle and high schools.

* Discussed upcoming technology camp for 12 staff members. Staff members will be trained to incorporate technology into the curriculum and, in turn, be able to help colleagues.

* Discussed potential amendments to school board policies according to Minnesota School Boards Association model policies.

* Tabled discussion on a coaches' action plan.