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Operations committee tables website update

WORTHINGTON -- The District 518 Operations Committee met Tuesday morning to discuss several recommendations for the next Board of Education meeting.

The committee decided to table its website update and funding project until it could reach a consensus among members to execute the project.

District 518's website has been "out of date" for a few years, according to board member Linden Olson.

John Landgaard, District 518 Superintendent, pointed out the importance of revamping the website.

"The issue is our website is a huge communication tool for us ... as well as it turns into a recruiting tool for many of the businesses of our community," Landgaard said. "They utilize that (website) or prospective employees utilize that, to garner information."

Funding the project remains a primary concern for the committee, as the desired update is not budgeted. The technology committee received two proposals, one of which was short-listed.

According to Landgaard, the actual cost for updating the website is estimated at $8,500.

"There is a reoccurring cost of about $1,500," he added.

Mark Shepherd, another board member, questioned if the project could be done in-house.

"People inside are the one who have to tell the designers what you want," he said. "I think we've got people employed by the school district who would be fully capable."

Olson noted that contracting designers who already have the necessary resources would minimize time spent on updating the website.

Another problem is encouraging designated individuals to update current information on the school's website.

"We're hiring a consultant, an expert to make you do the things you ought to be doing," Shepherd said, expressing his concern.

In other business, the committee:

* Discussed recommendation of policy adjustments according to Minnesota School Boards Association's model policy.

* Discussed updates on school projects, including the construction of new tennis courts..

"We're ready to go, we're just waiting for Mother Nature to cooperate," said Dave Skog, the district's director of management services, about progress on the new courts.

Recommendations will be presented at the next school board meeting July 27.