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SD toddler lost in corn field found after 10 hours

PLANKINTON, S.D. (AP) -- A toddler who went missing in a corn field overnight was found safe early Monday after 10 hours.

Taydon Faulhaber, 2, walked out of the field near Plankinton, in southeast South Dakota, around 7 a.m. Monday when his mother, Ashley, called over a loudspeaker, Aurora County Emergency Manager David Baker said.

"We were coming up with ideas, brainstorming, and said, 'let's see, since it's daylight now and he can see where he's at, let's see if he'll come out,'" Baker said.

Cameron Boyd of Plankinton was one of the volunteers walking rows of corn Monday morning when Ashley Faulhaber started calling for the boy.

"Within a minute, I could hear him scream," Boyd told The Daily Republic newspaper. "I kept hollering at him so I could hear him. He was just standing there."

Boyd said the boy was wet from dew but didn't appear to be harmed. He said he picked him up and carried him out.

"He didn't really say anything," Boyd said. "He just wanted his mom."

When Taydon was reunited with his mother at the command center set up by authorities, "he was crying his head off," Baker said.

A call to a telephone number listed for Ashley Faulhaber was not immediately answered Monday.

The child was taken to a Mitchell hospital to be checked out and was released later Monday morning, according to the hospital.

The boy and his father had stopped at the side of a road for a break during a drive Sunday night and the boy ran off, Baker said. A group of about 175 people -- most of them volunteers -- and two dogs searched for him throughout the night, combing through the corn in the field that measured 340 acres, or about half a square mile.

The corn was shoulder high and in rows only about 20 inches apart. "Very thick," Baker said. Officials believe the boy became exhausted and fell asleep and did not hear people calling for him as they searched.

Baker said the searchers wanted to find the boy before daylight because of the extreme heat in the forecast. The National Weather Service said high temperatures around the 100-degree mark were expected Monday.

"Last night it was real cool, and we were fortunate," Baker said. "We were ... trying every effort we could before it got hot."