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Charges filed in Windom burglary case

WINDOM -- Two Windom men are charged with burglary after allegedly breaking into an apartment over what one suspect called a "bad drug deal."

Jose Eduardo Capetillo, and Joseph Charles Rummens, both 18, are each facing a second-degree burglary charge.

The complaint states authorities were contacted by a man who said he thought someone had broken into a friend's apartment.

As officers approached the door to the apartment, they noticed blood on the ground.

The trail of blood continued up the stairs. Broken glass littered the steps, and the top panel of the door was knocked out.

The apartment was searched for any individuals who might be injured.

No one was found, but the officers noted more broken glass, an overturned TV and shattered figurines.

Paperwork provided clues to the apartment residents, a male and female.

When authorities contacted the female, she said her boyfriend was having problems with some people who wanted to fight, so they had gone to a friend's house.

They agreed to return to the apartment. The male was angry when he saw the damage, officers noted, and showed them text messages he said had been coming all day from Capetillo and Rummens.

An officer interviewing the man who had originally called authorities learned the witness had heard male voices coming from the apartment above his and had watched two men run from the apartment building and get in a silver vehicle.

While the witness was talking to the police officer, he saw a vehicle go past that looked the same.

A deputy stopped the vehicle and found a female driver. Capetillo was a passenger.

There was blood on the outside of the vehicle, smeared and pooling on the back passenger seat.

The female driver said she had dropped Capetillo and Rummens off at the apartment, then received a call later asking her to pick them up.

She allegedly denied drinking, but later gave a breath sample with a .035 blood alcohol concentration.

At Rummens' home, authorities found blood leading up to the front door.

They also found a trail of blood going from a different door of the home to the house next door.

A neighbor stated her mother had given Rummens a ride to the hospital because he was bleeding badly.

At the hospital emergency room, the officers located Rummens, who appeared to be intoxicated and had a puncture wound and cuts on his foot.

After being treated and transferred to the law enforcement center, Rummens allegedly stated he had been with Capetillo when Capetillo began receiving phone calls from a person who wanted to beat Capetillo up.

The argument, Rummens said, was over a bad drug deal. The two of them went to the man's apartment, Rummens stated, and Capetillo kicked the door in and started tearing things apart.

Rummens said he hurt his foot when he kicked it though the bathroom door. He left while his friend was still trashing the apartment, he said.

Rummens has a previous conviction for fifth-degree drug possession -- a charge he pleaded guilty to in August 2010.

He was discharged from probation a year ahead of schedule in May 2011.