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Osceola County to vote on representation plan

SIBLEY, Iowa -- After more than three decades, residents of Osceola County may see a change in the county's Supervisor representation plan.

According to Iowa code, there are three representation plans which counties can vote on.

The first plan allows voting at large for members, without district limitations.

Plan two, much like the first, allows county-wide voting but members must abide by district requirements.

The third option limits voters and members to those residing in the district.

In its previous elections, for more than 30 years, Osceola County has been voting based on the second plan.

Earlier this year, a county resident filed a petition requesting a change from plan two to plan three.

A special election has since been approved for residents to vote among the three available plans.

Results from the special elections will be implemented in the county's next general election on Nov. 6, 2012.

Larry Pedley, Osceola County Board of Supervisors' Chairman said it is vital for residents to be educated about the available plans and what the differences mean.

"I like the way it is right now where supervisors can live in their district, and everyone in the county can vote," Pedley said. "That way they can call any supervisor in the county and express their opinion."

Qualified electors can vote from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday at nine polling locations throughout the county.

Barbara Echter, county auditor, is hopeful for results to be released by 9 p.m., Tuesday

Polling centers are as follows:

* Ashton Precinct (Goewey & Gilman townships, and City of Ashton) - Ashton Legion Building

* Harris Precinct (Fairview Township and City of Harris) - Harris Civic Center

* Hiview Precinct (East & West Holman, and Viola & Wilson Townships) - County Courthouse

* May City Precinct (Allison and Harrison Townships) - May City Fire Station

* Melvin Precinct (Baker Township and City of Melvin - Melvin Fire Station

* Ocheyedan Precinct (Horton & Ocheyedan Townships, and City of Ocheyedan) - Ocheyedan Town Hall

* Sibley I (City of Sibley Ward I) - County Courthouse

* Sibley II (City of Sibley Ward II) - St. Andrews School

* Sibley III (City of Sibley III) - United Methodist Church

For further information, please contact Osceola County auditor's office at (712) - 754 - 2241.