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Shear Expressions adds massage therapy

WORTHINGTON -- Coleen Bui has been cutting hair for 30 years and has been sole proprietor of Shear Expressions for more than half of her career. She's seen a lot of concepts change in the industry and has added upgrades over the years to satisfy the needs of her customers.

"I'm always looking for things I can implement to make the salon more comfortable and more convenient for our customers," Bui said. "But I have to say, adding a massage therapist is definitely one of my favorites."

A part of Shear Expressions since the first of June, massage therapist Nicole Kremer has been a welcome addition to the staff.

"She's been my daughter's friend forever," Bui said, "When she said she wanted to work with me, I thought it was a great idea."

At age 19, Kremer is already her own boss and a certified massage therapist.

"I am a private contractor, but (Bui) has been so great I don't think I'll ever leave," Kremer said. "It's crazy to think I'm only 19 and I own my own business. I do eventually want to go back to school, though."

Offering four different types of massages and an entire array of times and prices, there's no excuse to walk around with those kinks in your back or neck anymore.

"It's great to hear you've made someone feel better," Kremer said about the feedback she gets about her services.

From haircuts to waxing, perms to straightening, piercing to tanning, Shear Expressions a wide variety of services, and Bui is pleased to now add relaxing massage to that list. Those interested in taking a few inches off the top, or anything else salon-related, can reach Shear Expressions at 372-7301. To book a massage, contact Kremer at 329-5164.