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Oberloh is CGMC president

WORTHINGTON -- Mayor Alan Oberloh was elected as president for the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) at a three-day conference on Aug. 5.

The coalition represents 75 greater Minnesota cities on issues ranging from Local Government Aid to land annexation and economic development.

"One of the things I'm currently doing is that all the letters that go out that are official statements of the coalition will be sponsored by me," Oberloh said.

A misconception, he pointed out, is that CGMC is viewed a "group of democrats."

"That is the furthest thing from the truth," he said.

The cuts in Local Government Aid (LGA) are a major concern for the coalition.

The plan for the coming year is to help produce a solution concerning LGA in the state budget, Oberloh said.

"It seems like a lot of metro legislators that do not get government aid think that it (LGA) is easy to get rid off."

Another goal he would like to see the coalition achieve is the recruitment of more cities that are not members of the CGMC.

"It is really all about strength in numbers," he said.

Being elected as the president came as a surprise for Oberloh.

He was not on the board of directors but only a member representing member cities.

"I wasn't seeking it but I don't walk away from a good, political fight," Oberloh said.

"He (Oberloh) is an articulate, well-spoken leader who can get the attention of state policy makers," said Executive Director of CGMC, Tim Flaherty as quoted in a press release. "Greater Minnesota has a real strong voice in Mayor Oberloh."