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KTD Medallion found at Olson Park

brian korthals/Daily Globe KTD president Pete Suby presents Carole Weise of Worthington with the $100 prize for deciphering the clues and solving the mystery of the hidden treasure in the annual King Turkey Day medallion hunt.

WORTHINGTON -- Would Paycheck stay at a hotel or a park? That was the question Carole Weise of Worthington asked herself as she tried to decipher the first clue of the King Turkey Day medallion hunt.

"He doesn't seem like the Holiday Inn type," she joked Wednesday at the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce office. "After all, he's a bird."

Weise found the medallion at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. It was sitting at the bottom of the steps by the dock at Olson Park.

"It was just lying there on the cement," Weise said.

The first clue stated, "I think I'll stay here for Turkey Day this year."

"I'm down by the bay, where the fisherman play," the second said.

That was enough for Weise. She was coming home from volunteering at the Sunset Hospice Cottage Tuesday and decided to walk out and take a peek around.

"It was pretty quiet out there," she said.

She quickly spotted the treasure. She didn't even need clue No. 3: "Just off Crailsheim Road you'll find my abode."

An active participant in KTD festivities, Weise attended the mixer at Pioneer Village Monday night and last year won a windsock during the pingpong ball drop downtown.

"I just love the parade," she added. "And I try to watch the turkey race if I can get close enough."

She has looked for the medallion in the past several years, but this is the first time she's ever found it.

What will she do with her $100 prize?

"I don't know, I'm still in shock!" she quipped.

After giving the matter a little thought, she came up with a good plan.

"My son is coming to visit from Rapid City," she stated. "I'll take him out to eat."

Formerly from Tyler, Weise has lived in Worthington since 1996.

The remaining clues in the medallion hunt were:

No. 4: I brought along a Frisbee, to play some golf, you see.

No. 5: Refer to clue No. 2. It's the best hint for you.

No. 6: Near the dock at Olson Campground, that's where the treasure can be found.