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Worthington suspect pleas in hearing

WORTHINGTON -- Eric Norman Kinley, 39, of Worthington, stated in court Monday morning he had "blacked out" from drinking and couldn't recall the events leading up to his arrest in July.

Kinley pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary, fourth-degree assault on a peace officer and driving while impaired Monday, in a plea agreement that covered two unrelated cases.

Charges of theft, harm to a public safety dog, obstructing the legal process and disorderly conduct were all dismissed per the agreement.

In April, Kinley admitted, he had been drinking "a lot" of beer and vodka before he got behind the wheel of a car, which he eventually rolled. He was arrested, and testing showed a blood alcohol concentration of .25 percent.

On July 10, Kinley said he had been at the home of a friend over by the college.

"And that was when you broke into the residence on Collegeway?" asked Nobles County Attorney Gordon Moore.

"I had blacked out," Kinley replied. "I guess I did."

Under questioning, Kinley admitted he had banged on the glass door of a residence repeatedly, then broke into the residence through a screen door and stolen a wallet and cordless phone.

Kinley was later found with the wallet in his possession after wandering onto the golf course at the Worthington Country Club and getting into an altercation with some golfers. During his arrest, he fought with the K-9 unit dog and spat on an officer, he said.

"I had been drinking heavily," he stated, admitting to ingesting half a bottle of gin, a lot of beer and some crystal methamphetamine.

The plea agreement states Kinley would get a stay of execution on the sentencing for the burglary, assault and DWI charge. A pre-sentence investigation will help the courts determine fines, fees and probation time. Kinley was court-ordered to follow all suggestions set forth by a chemical use assessment, which includes in-patient treatment.