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Burning ban set in area counties

SLAYTON -- Due to persistent dry conditions and an increased number of fire calls, a burning ban has been issued for all of Murray County.

The ban includes open burning of any type. No new burning permits will be issued, and all current permits are suspended until the ban is lifted.

The use of recreational fires is not currently restricted. A recreational fire is defined by Minnesota statute as a fire set for cooking, warming or ceremonial purposes, not more than three feet in diameter or high, with the ground cleared of all combustible material for five feet around its base.

Violation of a Minnesota burning ban is a misdemeanor, resulting in a fine of $185 to $235.

A burning ban has also been declared for O'Brien County in Iowa. The ban will continue until the state fire marshal has determined that such dangerous conditions no longer exist.

Any violation of the Iowa order is a simple misdemeanor.