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Bond set in attempted murder case

WORTHINGTON -- Bail was set at $50,000 Wednesday for a Rushmore man accused of attempted murder. That charge and others stem from an alleged assault that took place in the early hours Friday morning.

Ngeh Ngeh, 26, of Rushmore, is charged with first-degree attempted murder-premeditated, two counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and third-degree assault.

He was arrested Monday night at JBS Swift and taken to the Nobles County Jail.

The criminal complaint states the Worthington Department was dispatched to the A&T Tap Friday morning at approximately 1:15 a.m. to investigate a report of assault. Officers found the alleged victim, a male, who was spitting up blood. An ambulance was dispatched, and the victim was transported to the hospital.

Before being transported, the victim told the police he had been assaulted in front of his house by a person he works with at JBS Swift. At the emergency room, authorities learned the victim had a broken hand, a large hematoma on his arm and a pulmonary contusion to his lung.

The victim said a car followed him as he walked home from work. A man got out of the car and came at him, striking him repeatedly with a metal or wooden stick, hitting him in the arms and chest. The victim said he thought the man was trying to kill him, because he tried to hit him in the head, also. The assault ended, he said, when someone came and pulled the man away from him. After the assault, the victim went behind his house and contacted someone at the A&T Tap to notify police.

He said he did not know why the man hit him, but that the assailant had talked to him a week earlier and talked about hitting him. He thought the man might be jealous because of his girlfriend, he said.

After Ngeh was identified, an officer ran his information and found Ngeh had gotten a speeding ticket while driving a tan 1998 Toyota Camry. The ticket contained the license plate number of the car. The officer went to the Swift parking lot and located a car with the same plate. In the backseat of the vehicle was an aluminum baseball bat.

As the officer waited for a search warrant to be obtained, a man approached and stated the vehicle was not his, but he had gotten a ride home from the owner the night of the alleged assault. There were three men in the vehicle, he said, with Ngeh riding in the back. Ngeh had gotten out and chased a man while they were in Worthington, he said, bringing the bat with him, and he had gotten out of the car and pulled Ngeh off the victim.

The officer went to Swift and arrested Ngeh, who gave a statement. He said the victim had tried to punch him the day before, but others had stopped the fight.

On the day of the assault, Ngeh said he went to ask the victim why he had tried to hit him. He said he didn't bring a bat with him, but found it when the victim pushed him to the ground. He swing it at the victim, he said, to teach him a lesson, connecting at least twice. He later allegedly admitted to chasing the victim with the bat when the man didn't get far enough away from him. Ngeh allegedly stated he did not want to injure the victim or he would have tried hitting his head.

Ngeh said he didn't think the victim was hurt badly because he hadn't hit him that hard.

As of Wednesday evening, Ngeh was still in custody in the Nobles County Jail.