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Adrian man charged with burglary

LUVERNE -- An Adrian man with previous convictions for assault was charged this week with first-degree burglary, domestic assault and damage to property after allegedly breaking down the door at the residence of his ex-girlfriend.

According to the criminal complaint, Joshua David Vortherms, 33, allegedly kicked in the door of a residence in Luverne, believing another man was in his ex-girlfriend's home.

The victim stated she was upstairs when she heard someone trying to kick in the door.

She heard the door break open and saw Vortherms coming up the stairs, yelling about another man being in the residence.

She stated she was very afraid, and Vortherms' yelling woke up their infant child.

Vortherms allegedly went through every room in the house looking for a man and left when he didn't find one.

The victim indicated she believed he was very intoxicated.

She saw him leave in a white Ford vehicle and told officers she thought he might be heading home to Adrian or to his aunt's house.

At the request of a Rock County deputy, the victim called Vortherms, who said he was at his aunt's house. An Adrian police officer was dispatched and met the deputy at the residence in Adrian. Vortherms was asked to step outside, but would not answer any questions.

The deputy asked if he had been in Luverne that evening, but Vortherms stated "I didn't do anything" and turned to walk away.

The victim was asked what Vortherms had been wearing during the burglary, and she described the clothes he was wearing when authorities spoke to him at his aunt's house.

Bail was set at $5,000, and he is to have no contact with the victim.

According to court documents, Vortherms has fifth-degree assault convictions from at least two separate incidents in Nobles County.

He was court mandated to take anger management classes and have an alcohol assessment during his first sentencing.

Vortherms had another assault charge dismissed as part of a plea bargain in 2005 and has several disorderly conduct and illegal act convictions. He was charged in July of this year with third-degree riot, disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly. That case is still pending.