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Aggravated robbery charges filed in Jackson

JACKSON -- Charges were filed this week against Grant Lloyd Grover, 25, of Jackson, who is accused of robbing a young man as he was walking home from a store.

The complaint states authorities were contacted Nov. 5 by a woman who said her brother had been robbed. Upon speaking to the victim, a deputy learned he and a friend had been walking home from a convenience store when two men approached them, shoved them and asked what they had.

One man had reached into the victim's pocket, taken his wallet and removed money from it.

One of the men brandished a switchblade knife, and the other acted as though he had a gun in his pocket, the victim said.

The men allegedly took $7 and a cell phone from him, but gave the cell phone back. They didn't take anything from his friend.

When given a description of the men, a deputy recognized it as possibly being Grover. The victims were shown a photo of Grover and positively identified him as one of the men who had robbed them.

The victim said the robbers had gone to a local bar after the incident.

The victim went back to the his house and told his parents what had happened.

His father drove straight to the bar and saw the men leave together in a white SUV.

The deputies went into the bar and spoke with the bartenders, who said the men had come in and bought two beers, paying with cash.

Another Jackson County deputy said Grover was possibly at a White Street residence.

The deputies went to that residence and knocked at the door. Grover let them in, the complaint states.

While in the house, a deputy saw a silver pocket knife on the coffee table and seized it as evidence.

Grover has previous convictions of harassment, riot and disorderly conduct.

He is now facing two counts of aggravated robbery and second-degree assault.