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Meth bust lands four in Pipestone jail

PIPESTONE -- Three Pipestone residents and their alleged Little Falls dealer made court appearances Monday after being arrested Friday for methamphetamine-related crimes.

Amanda Marie Letourneau, 25, of Little Falls, is charged in Pipestone County District Court with first- and second-degree controlled substance sale, 10 grams or more, of meth.

Coty Allen Tellinghuisen, 27, of Pipestone, is charged with fifth-degree controlled substance possession, as is Justine Mary Smith, 36, of Pipestone.

She faces an additional charge of permitting a child to be exposed to meth, as does Todd Alan Smith, who is also charged with second-degree controlled substance possession.

According to the criminal complaint and police reports, a Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agent watched as Tellinghuisen exited a residence at 717 Third Ave. Friday and walked away carrying a grocery bag. Tellinghuisen, a predatory offender, had failed to register and is currently a suspect in home burglaries in Pipestone.

Tellinghuisen was approaching a vehicle with South Dakota license plates when the agent stopped and identified himself.

Tellinghuisen placed his plastic bag on the passenger seat of the vehicle, which was later found to be containing a CD player, a propane torch, screw drivers, pliers and a Dremel tool.

When told he was being detained, Tellinghuisen began exhibiting nervous behavior, the agent reported. He started walking away, and when the agent grabbed an arm to detain him, tried to pull away.

During a search pursuant to his arrest, Tellinghuisen was asked if he had any weapons.

He stated he had a knife in his pocket. An officer with the Pipestone County Sheriff's Office retrieved the knife and secured the man in handcuffs.

In Tellinghuisen's front pockets, the officer allegedly found four baggies of a white crystal substance, a straw and two pipes, all of which tested positive for meth.

Another male had exited the residence and walked toward the location of the agent.

A deputy stopped the man, later identified as Todd Smith.

The deputy stated that Todd seemed to under the influence of a controlled substance. Task force agents conducted a surveillance of the house while a search warrant was obtained.

While the house was being secured, four individuals were found in the basement, including Letourneau.

All were transported to the Pipestone County Jail.

The search of the basement turned up a meth bong, scales, plastic baggies, meth pipes and approximately 13 grams of meth.

A hypodermic needle was found in the kitchen, and in the bedroom of Todd and Justine Smith, authorities found a letter that contained a step by step guide to creating "shake and bake" meth, along with a list of items needed.

During the interview with Todd, authorities learned he had purchased a gram of meth from Letourneau the night before, and they and two others had smoked meth in the basement.

He allegedly stated he smokes in the basement while his kids are in the house, and the kids yell down the stairs before they come to give him a chance to hide his meth and pipes.

Justine said she was aware of Todd using meth in the house.

She allegedly stated Todd had told her the night before Letourneau was coming over to deliver two 8-balls of meth. Justine claimed she has seen Letourneau in the house in the past and knows her to be a meth supplier.

During a hearing Monday, Letourneau's was set at $30,000. Bail for Todd and Justine Smith was set at $30,000 and $5,000 respectively.

Tellinghuisen, who was sentenced in 2005 to 23 months incarceration for criminal sexual conduct, was given a bail amount of $10,000.

All four have been granted public defenders and are scheduled to make another court appearance Dec. 20.