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Drug arrest made in Jackson after sting

JACKSON -- A 42-year-old Jackson woman was arrested last week after a controlled-buy sting that took place during the summer.

Nicole Marie Hadenfeldt, also known as Nicole Larson or Nikki, is charged with first-, second- and third- degree controlled substance sale and knowingly storing methamphetamine paraphernalia in the presence of a child.

The controlled buy sting began in early May, when a confidential informant (CI) told authorities he had been contacted by "Nikki" because she had some stuff she wanted him to come get. Hadenfeldt, the CI said, was referring to meth.

Text messages from Hadenfeldt's phone to the cell phone of the CI indicated she wanted the CI to bring a pipe and come over in a hurry because she didn't want the meth in her house very long.

The CI did not have a means of travel, so Jackson County Sheriff's Deputies drove to his residence approximately 40 miles from Jackson to pick him up and bring him to town.

After the CI was prepared with a listening device and given prerecorded buy money, an undercover officer drove him to Hadenfeldt's residence.

The officer waited in the vehicle; the CI told Hadenfeldt the person in the car was paranoid about coming inside.

Through the listening device, the officers listened as the CI and Hadenfeldt talked about inconsequential things, then discussed how they liked to ingest meth.

They discussed getting more meth for the CI, then headed outside, where Hadenfeldt introduced herself to the undercover officer.

During a debriefing, the CI related the details of the buy and described to the deputies where Hadenfeldt regularly hid meth.

A deputy later weighed the meth CI had brought out of the house, with a total of approximately a quarter of a gram.

Two weeks later, the CI set up a second buy and drove one of the undercover vehicles to Hadenfeldt's residence.

He asked Hadenfeldt if she could get more meth, but she said she couldn't that night because she was having a party for her son.

The CI was able to buy half a gram that night, and told deputies during a debriefing that there were four young teenaged girls in the house playing video games and her son and another child playing in a bedroom.

During the buy, Hadenfeldt appeared to be high, the CI said, and snorted two lines of meth while the CI was there.

Another buy was set up in mid-June, when Hadenfeldt allegedly told the CI they needed to go to Worthington to get the meth.

Hadenfeldt and another man met the CI at the Super America in Jackson, then went to a different residence.

The CI fronted the money for the meth buy, declined to accompany Hadenfeldt and some others to Worthington, then left.

Shortly after 1 a.m. the next morning, the CI received a text message from Hadenfeldt that said it would take another hour and a half to get the meth.

Two hours later, Hadenfeldt reported that her contact's girlfriend had flushed the meth and that she would have to go to Rochester to pick some up from another source.

A day later, the CI met with Hadenfeldt, who gave him the meth she had purchased with his money and said it was "good old school" meth, but not very smokable. She said she had taken an "itty bitty line" the day before and was flying.

Approximately 5.8 grams of meth were turned over to the deputies by the CI.

A warrant for Hadenfeldt's arrest was signed in early October, but a statement from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office states Hadenfeldt was arrested Nov. 30. She made a court appearance Tuesday, and bail was set for $100,000.