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Warrant issued in Windom for assault suspect

WINDOM -- A warrant was issued Tuesday in Cottonwood County for Mario Vargas, address unknown, in regard to an alleged assault that took place Saturday night.

Vargas, 23, is charged with first-degree burglary and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon after reportedly hitting a man over the head with a tire iron.

According to the criminal complaint, Windom Police officers were called to a residence on Fourth Avenue shortly before midnight, where they found a man with a large amount of blood on his face, hands and clothing. The female resident of the residence said Vargas had hit the victim, then left.

The victim explained he had been hit with a tire iron, then indicated the item near the front door of the apartment. An officer examined the tire iron and found a substance that appeared to be blood.

The female stated Vargas was her ex-boyfriend.

She said he had broken into the apartment by shattering a window.

The victim had been sitting on the side of a bed with his back to the door when Vargas allegedly entered the room and hit the man twice on the back of the head with the tire iron. The two men fought while the female tried unsuccessfully to break them apart, she said. She left the apartment to call for help, then came back and told Vargas the police were on their way.

Vargas fled the apartment, possibly in a Chevrolet Silverado. According to the woman, he was wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans. She said the two had broken up two weeks prior to the assault, and she does not know where he is living.