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New Year's Hope

justine wettschreck/Daily Globe Sonja Grant of Adrian snuggles her new baby, Hope Charity Rayne Grant, who was the first baby born in 2012 at Sanford Worthington.

WORTHINGTON -- Sonja Grant of Adrian has a new Hope for 2012 -- literally. Her daughter, Hope Charity Rayne Grant was born at 11:43 a.m. Sunday, making little Hope the first baby of 2012 at Sanford Worthington.

Actually, Hope was the first and only baby born on New Year's Day in Worthington.

Although her baby wasn't due until Jan. 6, Sonja went into the hospital Saturday.

Her doctor decided to induce her labor around 5 a.m. Sunday, and Hope was born six hours later, weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces.

"My mom kept saying she wanted the baby on New Years, because that's her anniversary," Sonja said. "She put in an order for a girl, and got her wish."

In the 19th week of her pregnancy, Sonja went into an ultrasound appointment, hoping to find out what gender her baby would be.

"But her foot was in the way," Sonja explained. "We had to wait a few more weeks until we found out for sure she was a girl."

According to Sonja, Hope has "good size cheeks, short, stubby legs and doesn't like to be naked." Hope has lots of dark hair and is a good eater, Sonja added.

Hope got the opportunity to meet her big brother Lloyd on Monday.

"He wasn't sure about her at first," Sonja said of her 17-month-old son. "He saw her pacifier and wanted that, but other than that was afraid to touch her."

Lloyd was a little upset to see his mommy in a hospital bed, Sonja said.

"He's a bit of a Mommy's Boy," she admitted.

Luckily, Lloyd won't have to put up with that sight for long -- Sonja and Hope are scheduled to go home today. After her maternity leave, she plans to go back to her waitressing job at the Crystal Steak House in Adrian.

A 2006 graduate of Sibley-Ocheyedan High School, Sonja was born in the same hospital where she delivered her daughter.

"Even though she just weighs two ounces less than my son did, she feels so tiny," Sonja said, snuggling her baby. "I'm excited and happy she's here. And I don't feel like a whale anymore."

Her son is named after his father, but Sonja said Hope isn't named for anyone.

"I started fresh with her, and wanted her to have her own name," Sonja stated.

Hope ended up with two middle names because Sonja liked them both and couldn't narrow it down to just one.