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Lakefield man killed in cave-in

JACKSON -- According to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, 20-year-old Levi Buresch of Lakefield was killed when a ditch caved in Friday afternoon on the eastern outskirts of Lakefield.

Levi and his uncle were digging in field tile at approximately 3:40 p.m. Friday when the cave-in occurred, partially burying Byron Buresch and totally burying Levi. According to Levi's father, Keith Buresch, Levi and Byron were at a family farm fixing a tile main about 14 feet deep in the ground when a side of the trench caved in.

Emergency crews worked to free both victims, and the Sanford Air Ambulance was dispatched to the scene. Fifty-two-year-old Byron Buresch of Lakefield was transported to Sanford Jackson, and Levi Buresch was located and pronounced dead at the scene.

Levi, a graduate of Jackson County Central, was a student at South Dakota State University, and planned to go into the family farming business.

Assisting at the scene were the Lakefield Ambulance, Lakefield Fire Department, Lakefield Police Department, Jackson Fire Department and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.