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Avoca Veteran's Memorial in the works

submitted photo Avoca City Council member Phil Olson uses a skid steer to pry Kasota stone out of the ground during the road construction in August 2010, while Jon Frisk stands by to help. The stone, which has been buried in the ground since it was installed as crosswalk in 1895, will be used to build a veteran's memorial in Avoca.

AVOCA -- An October 1895 edition of the Murray County Independent heralds the news.

"The large Kasota stones for street crossings have arrived (in Avoca) and are being hauled to the crossings."

According to Avoca City Clerk Karen Frisk, who is also the town's unofficial city historian, there is no other mention of the stones before or after that tidbit of information. She has scoured newspapers and city minutes to no avail. She did learn, however, that Avoca and other area towns added the stones, found along the Minnesota River Valley, both to beautify and to construct stone crosswalks.

"The streets got pretty muddy, so the stone crosswalks were installed," Frisk explained. "It helped keep all of those long dresses out of the mud when they crossed the street."

According to Doug Smith, the marketing and business development coordinator at Mankato Kasota Stone, Inc., the Kasota limestone used for the crosswalks and eventually buried were likely from that company, which was the only quarry operating in the area at that time.

In August 2010, road crews working on Murray County 6 -- Avoca's main street -- uncovered some of the stones, which had been buried under the sidewalks and some lawns. Others were found on the west side of the business district intersection.

On a Friday morning, Frisk waited, phone in hand, for a call from the construction crew telling her she could move in and try to save some of the stones uncovered as the crew shaved layers off the old street. With help from Avoca Mayor Roger Lindmeier, city council member Phil Olson and her son Jon, Frisk was able to salvage pieces of the stone, both large and small.

And that's when the idea came back.

In 2008, Frisk's mother passed away. At the time, the city of Fulda was selling pavers to raise money for their memorial, so Frisk and her brothers decided to purchase a paver in their father's name.

"I remember thinking at the time that Avoca really needed a way to acknowledge veterans," Frisk said. "But I don't want to leave anyone out, so I didn't want it to only name the people who had a purchased paver."

She started compiling a list of names, talking to members of the American Legion in Avoca, walking the cemeteries and asking questions of anyone she thought could help. Over the last several years, she has compiled a list of approximately 150 names -- people who served in the military who were born in, died in or ever lived in Avoca. The list of names is broken down into the five branches of the United States military forces and by when the person served.

With the discovery of the Kasota stones, Frisk decided it was time to take action. She had received permission from the Avoca City Council several years earlier to use a piece of city-owned land to construct a veteran memorial. Now, she is asking for help to get the memorial built.

"To begin with, I had all these big ideas," she said with a laugh. "But I think some of them would be impossible."

The list of names would be printed on two 4 foot by 8 foot signs -- the names in gold, the background black. The signs would sit at a slight angle from each other on the west side of the Avoca Community Hall, near the monument that holds the old Avoca School bell and visible from the street. Behind the signs would be seven flag poles to fly a flag for each of the five military branches, a U.S. flag, a Minnesota flag and a POW/MIA flag.

The Kasota stone could be used in a variety of ways -- as a walkway, as a base for the signs or for engraving military seals or commemorative phrases.

"Plans are kind of evolving based on what kind of donations can be gathered," Frisk admitted. "I have someone who volunteered to make the flag poles, and there are a few people I want to consult about brickwork and other things."

Anyone who would like to donate funds toward the memorial can send it to the city of Avoca's mailing address, PO Box 156, Avoca, Minn., 56114. In a perfect world, Frisk would like to have money raised and construction start in time to dedicate the memorial on Memorial Day 2012, but she knows that might not happen.

"It's going to depend on how fast donations come in, who is willing to help build and what the weather is like this spring," she said.

Frisk is also asking for the public's help with the list of names.

"I want to make sure I get everybody. I'm pleading with people to go over the list and let me know if I'm missing someone," she said.

An email address, has been set up for people to make suggestions, add to the list or ask questions. Frisk can also be reached at 507-335-7878.


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