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Criminal sexual conduct charges filed in Rock County

LUVERNE -- Charges were filed in Rock County District Court against Michael Dean Giesler, 38, of Hardwick, who is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his home in September.

The criminal complaint states authorities were contacted about a possible assault after a report from the alleged victim.

She indicated Giesler had asked her to stop at his home, but after she got there he would not let her leave.

He allegedly told her he would force her to have sex with him, then grabbed her by the throat and forced her to the floor.

The victim stated Giesler repeatedly said he was going to kill her.

She told the investigating deputy she had the man's blood under her fingernails and on her hand from scratching him while trying to free herself.

When the deputy contacted Giesler via phone and asked him to come to the law enforcement center, the defendant repeatedly asked what the victim had reported and stated his face looked "like it was in a meat grinder," but agreed to come to the LEC.

During the interview, Giesler said he and the victim had some issues and had exchanged text messages that afternoon.

She arrived at his home and they talked, he said, but when she got up to leave he blocked her and told her to sit down.

They "got into a scuffle," he said. She scratched his face, he claimed, and he held her down as she kicked and screamed.

Giesler said he told the victim he would let her go when she calmed down, then said they talked for another hour or so.

He denied asking her for sex, and said the victim knows he was convicted in the past for statutory rape and uses that against him.

He described their relationship as "love-hate," and said he thinks she's claiming sexual assault to get back at him because of their dispute.

At Giesler's home, authorities found several long guns in a cabinet with a glass front.

He claimed his civil rights had been restored, but according to court documents, he is not allowed to own a firearm until May 2013.

He allegedly admitted his name was rejected during a background check when he tried to purchase one of the guns, so he had someone purchase it for him.

Giesler has a 1998 conviction for third-degree criminal sexual conduct, after which he was ordered to register as a sex offender.

He was convicted in 2000 for unlawfully possession a firearm, has a 1996 conviction for fifth-degree assault and pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order in 2008.

He is currently charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, firearm violation and domestic assault.

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