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Investor's Choice employees attends conference

SLAYTON -- Jim and Carla Goedtke, as well as Sydney Carlson of Investors Choice Financial Services Inc. of Slayton and Marshall, recently attended the American Portfolios Financial Services (APFS) National Conference, "Connections 2011."

APFS is a national financial services organization serving independent financial professionals. The invitation-only event was attended by APFS' top financial professionals. Keynote speakers included: Sen. Christopher Dodd, co-proposer of the Dodd-Frank Act; Don Connelly, the "Guru of Financial Service Professionals," and Bob Veres, editor and publisher of Inside Information. Representation from several investment management firms and insurance companies were all present.

The Investors Choice staff had a comprehensive agenda on industry-specific topics and best-practice solutions to stay current with the ever-changing regulatory environment. They also had the opportunity to network among professional peers and industry experts to gain new perspectives on trends and issues within the financial services industry.