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Man faces burglary, theft charges

PIPESTONE -- An Edgerton man who was once sentenced to 81 months in prison on drug charges is now facing burglary and theft charges in Pipestone County District Court after allegedly stealing numerous items in January.

Jason Reed Hulstein, 41, is charged with third-degree burglary and theft, and allegedly admitted to authorities he and a woman had committed the crimes.

The criminal complaint states authorities were called to a rural Pipestone County address in mid-January.

The victim reported padlocks securing a house and small shed had been broken or cut and many items removed. The victim said he had a trail camera mounted on a pole in the yard that had photographed an SUV on the property at 10:39 p.m. on Jan. 13.

The victim said no one lives at the house, but the house and outbuildings still contained valuable items.

A variety of items appeared to be missing, including 1950s Barbie Dolls, books, tools, costume jewelry, a curio cabinet full of figurines, small kitchen appliances and toys.

Two weeks later, a deputy received reliable information from a cooperating individual that Hulstein was involved in the burglary and that some of the missing items could be found at his residence. A search warrant was obtained, and Hulstein was found at the residence.

After the deputy explained to Hulstein what law enforcement officers were looking for, Hulstein allegedly told the deputy where he could find some the items.

He stated he had stolen them from a farm place south of Pipestone a couple of weeks beforehand.

While securing the residence, the deputy found several of the items that had been reported stolen, including jewelry, kitchen items, a 1950s baby stroller, quilts, books and magazines, a tool box full of tools and a dirt bike that had been reported stolen in Worthington.

During an interview at the law enforcement center, Hulstein allegedly stated he and a woman had driven his SUV to the farm house and loaded it with items they removed from the house.

They took the things back to his own residence and unloaded them into the upstairs bedroom.

Hulstein said he knew the house was abandoned because he farms the land around it.

When shown the picture from the trail camera, Hulstein admitted the vehicle in the photograph was his SUV. He denied stealing the dirt bike, stating he had paid cash for it.

Hulstein was convicted in September 2001 for first-degree controlled substance possession and sentenced to serve 81 months in prison. He had been charged with more than a dozen drug-related charges and pleaded guilty to one first-degree charge.

If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of up to five years incarceration on the burglary charge.

After his arrest, he was released on his own recognizance.

The woman he said helped him burglarize the home has not yet been charged, but has a 2010 conviction of theft in Pipestone County.

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