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Historical society benefits from variety show

FULDA -- Remember those old movies from the 1950s, when everyone would be stumped on how to raise funds for a worthy cause? Everyone would get together and put on a show.

As it turns out, Doc Schwarz has the same idea. When it became apparent the Fulda Heritage Society needed funds to fix up the interior of a caboose and repaint The Depot, Schwarz came up with a plan.

"I just decided it was something worthwhile to try," he said.

He called up a few people he knew like to sing karaoke and told them his idea. And the Heritage Country Show was born.

"I knew some people from doing karaoke around the area," Schwarz said. "I just asked them if they would come sing a song."

The show, which begins at 2 p.m. April 1 at the Fulda High School gym, will feature eight singers and is going to be hosted by KLOH's Mylan Ray.

Fulda's Eldon Larson, a member of the band StarFire has been in a variety of local shows, including his most recent appearance in "Gone Country" at Worthington's Memorial Auditorium. Nikki Cheskie of Avoca performed last year at a fundraising supper, Schwarz said, and is a talented singer. Two of the performers are from Windom -- Paulette Whiteford, who sings a lot of karaoke, and Craig Borsgard.

"You'll swear it's Willie Nelson on stage," Schwartz said about Borsgard. "He comes out in a cap and braids -- the whole works."

Loren Chapman of Fulda has his own karaoke equipment, as does Movin Melodies' Melissa Schulz.

"You want to hear someone who can sing? Come listen to Melissa," Schwarz said.

Schulz's daughter Miranda is also going to perform, singing "Blue Suede Shoes."

Schwarz has been singing karaoke for years and used to sing with The Banditos, though he refused to say how long ago that was.

"Well, it was a few years back," he said with a laugh.

Most of the music will be country, and Schwarz plans to perform songs from Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Ray Price.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Fulda Free Press or The Depot, through Schwarz or Virginia Anderson, or at the door the afternoon of the performance.