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The Misfits return with 'Here Come the Brides'

submitted photo The Misfits will take the stage Saturday at the former St. Kilian School for the annual dinner theater production.

ST. KILIAN - The Misfits will be returning Saturday with their 24th annual production that is bound to send audience into fits of laughter.

This year's dinner theater production is adapted from "Here Come the Brides" by Heuer Publishing.

The play tells the tale of Jimmy Took, whose only living and wealthy relative, Uncle Dan, is coming to town to meet Jimmy and his new bride. While Jimmy isn't married, his uncle is under the assumption that he is.

Jimmy needs to borrow money from his wealthy uncle. Afraid that Uncle Dan would think that Jimmy had deceived him, Jimmy frantically searches for someone to pose as his wife.

After two rejections, he successfully convinces his roommate, Billy, to play the part. Chaos ensues when the first two people Jimmy failed to persuade decide otherwise, and Jimmy has to keep his Uncle Dan from meeting his wives.

The Misfits began rehearsals at the end of January, said organizer Audrey Brake, who has been involved in all 24 years of the production.

"Every year we have one or two new people but most of our cast has done this for a number of years," Brake said about the cast of 12 people. "Gary Nelson, our lead person, has acted every year except the first."

Originally initiated as a fundraiser for St. Kilian School, and then for St. Anthony School in Lismore, The St. Kilian Dinner Theater became a yearly production after the schools closed.

"We wanted to keep it going," Brake said, adding the production relies heavily on the help of volunteers. "Looking back at the pictures, it has been a long time. A lot of planning goes into it, but every year we learn more about what to do the next year."

With the former beneficiaries ceasing to exist, proceeds raised by the dinner theater now benefit the cast and crew's charities of choice.

"We never set a goal of how much we want to raise," she said. "We're just happy with the money we make so we can donate."

The Misfits will be staging four performances at the former St. Kilian School. Dinner of pork chops, baked potatoes, salad and dessert is scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday. Cast members will take the stage at 7 p.m.

"We seat 140 each night and right now, tickets for the Saturday show are sold out," she added. "We're looking forward to people coming to have a good time. The cast has done a great job.'

Tickets for Sunday, and the following weekend of March 31 and April 1, are still available. For ticket information, call Brake at 472-8267.

Daily Globe Reporter Ana Anthony can be reached at 376-7322.