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S-O FFA honors its members

SIBLEY, Iowa -- The Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA Chapter conducted its annual spring banquet Friday night at the high school in Sibley.

Among the highest honors presented during the banquet were the Chapter Star Awards. This year, Josh Earll and Carson Gradert were named the Chapter Star Farmers, while Marshall Eddy earned the Chapter Star in Agribusiness; Taylor Bock and Caleb Hartwig were named the Chapter Stars in Agriculture Placement; Alyssa Hibbing and Kelly Schoneman were named the Chapter Stars in Agri-Science; and Patrick Alexander and Bridget Block were selected Chapter Star in Agri-Entrepreneurship.

Marissa Pham was honored for representing the chapter in the FFA Creed speaking contest; and Amy Dreessen was awarded second place in the State Greenhand quiz.

Other service awards include: FFA Eagle Award to Matt Vander Ploeg and Kelvin Vander Veen; FFA Blue and Gold Award to Reid Van Wyk and Jacob Howard; FFA Attitude Award to Emily Kruger and Jessica Loerts; Freshman Achievement Award to Maddie Lonneman and Matt Richards; FFA Rising Star Award to Emily Feldkamp and Major Postma; Outstanding Freshman Leader to Ellie Klaassen and Cody Hurlburt; Outstanding Freshman SAE Program to Justis McCarty and Ethan Mino; Star Greenhand to Marissa Pham, Mystic Henningsen, Devin Ackerman and Josh Wagenaar; the Dekalb Leadership Award to Marshall Eddy and Josh Earll; and the Star in Chapter Service Award to Patrick Coleman.

Special Service awards went to Osceola County Rural Water and Dave Henningsen; while Distinguished Service awards went to Exopack Corporation of Sibley, Sibley Equipment Inc., and Pete Clauson Excavating.

Kevin Klaassen was presented the Honorary Chapter FFA Degree.

Proficiency award winners are as follows:

Agricultural Communications (Entrepreneurship/ Placement): Bridget Block

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance (Place.): Cole Hieronimus and Taylor Block

Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems (Ent./Place.): Duncan Perry

Agricultural Mechanics: Dylan Brockshus

Auto Body Repair: Kelby Jensen

Automobile Repair and Restoration: Josh Van Westen

Farm Truck Repair and Restoration: Kelvin Vander Veen

Truck Maintenance & Repair: Brandon Manitz

Building Construction: Nate Carlson

Building Restoration & Construction: Dustin Taylor

Construction Proficiency: Dalton Schiphoff

General Construction (Place.): Bret Korthals

Masonry Construction: Lee Smith

Proficiency in Plumbing: Patrick Coleman

Agricultural Sales (Ent.): Brady Anderson

Agricultural Sales (Place.): Jenn Vipond

Agricultural Services (Ent./Place.): Houston Coleman

Ag Sales & Service: Marshall Eddy

Placement in Business: Emily Kruger

Proficiency in Customer Service: Kristen Witt and Reid Van Wyk

Retail Sales & Service: Shannon Van Beest

Small Business Operation: Tyler O'Connor

Beef Production (Ent.): Josh Earll and Devan Vander Veen

Dairy Production (Place.): Devin Hoekstra

Dairy Care & Management: Jacob Manitz

Dairy Showmanship: Josh Wagenaar

Diversified Agricultural Production (Ent./Place.) Wade Howard

Diversified Crop Production (Place.): Caleb Hartwig

Diversified Livestock Production (Ent.): Brooke Block

Feeder Livestock Production (Ent./Place.): Clint Klaassen

Placement in Production Agriculture: Daniel Chinn

Livestock Care & Management: Andrew Brockshus

Livestock Handing & Care: Jacob Howard

Emerging Agricultural Technology (Ent./Place.): Christian Storey

Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management (Ent./Place): Evan Henningsen

Equine Science (Ent.): Hannah Klaassen

Equine Training & Exhibition: Morgan Klaassen

Equine Science- Care, Training & Exibition: Ellie Klaassen

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production (Ent./Place.): Carson Gradert

Floriculture (Ent./Place.): Joanna Kruger

Food Science and Technology (Ent./Place.): Nicole Rozeboom and Owen Wiese

Food Service: Cole Monier and Ignacio Romero

Food Preparation/Service & Management: Amanda Chinn

Food Preparation and Service: Matt Vander Ploeg

Food Service/Customer Relations: Chris DeNoble

Customer Service Proficiency: Zady Cook

Fruit Production (Ent./Place.): Shelby Merry

Grain Production (Place.): Devin Ackerman

Crop Production: Angela Peters

Home and/or Community Development (Ent./Place.): Will Funk

Home Improvement: Samantha Clark and Wayne Salinas

Volunteer Service: Bryan Clark and Austin Butler

Community Service: Sabrina Bugay and Riley Davids

School Service: Kelsey Doorenbos

Proficiency In Service: Kellyn Kruger

Proficiency in Volunteerism: Katie Willemssen

Landscape Management (Ent./Place.): Kenzie Schindler

Outdoor Recreation (Ent./Place.): Shannon Michelson

Recreational Sports Volunteerism Award: Alyssa Hibbing

Sports and Recreation Proficiency: Kim Cuadros

Recreation Proficiency: Amy Dreessen

Proficiency in Dance: Emily Feldkamp and Marissa Pham

Proficiency in Childcare: Zoe Salzman and Jessica Loerts

Poultry Production (Ent./Place.): Justis McCarty

Sheep Production, Management & Care: Shane Travaille

Small Animal Production and Care (Ent.): Nic McCloskey

Specialty Animal Production (Ent./Place.): Maddie Lonneman

Swine Production (Place.): Dillon Thies

Swine Production, Management & Care: Dalton Frick

Turf Grass Management (Ent.): Kelly Schoneman and Major Postma

Turf Grass Management (Place.): Mystic Henningsen

Lawn Care & Management: Patrick Alexander

Lawn Care and Landscape Management: Ethan Mino

Vegetable Production (Ent./Place.): Matt Richards

Wildlife Management (Ent.): Cody Hurlburt

Friends of the FFA $200 scholarships were presented to Alyssa Hibbing, Marshall Eddy, Kelly Schoneman and Bridget Block.

Lora Luitjens $200 Memorial scholarships went to Josh Earll and Carson Gradert.

S-O FFA Chapter $200 scholarship winners were Patrick Alexander, Patrick Coleman and Taylor Block.

Julie Buntjer

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