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Class of 2012: Anna Tims strings together an activity filled senior year

Anna Tims

This is the first story in a four-part series featuring Worthington High School students who will graduate in May. The series will run every other week.

WORTHINGTON -- For Anna Tims, high school has been a diverse mixture of pursuits.

You might spot her toting a violin case through the halls of Worthington High School, or toting a gun case (not through the school halls, of course) headed for the gun range as a member of the Worthington Trojan Trap Shooting Team.

While she spends a lot of the time in the school's music wing -- orchestra, band and choir --her coursework has run the gamut from advanced math and chemistry to Brit lit and film studies.

"The ones I enjoy the most are math and science, but I do well in other areas," said Anna, who maintains a 4.0 grade point average.

The daughter of Bob and Donna Tims of Worthington, Anna is the third of four musically inclined Tims siblings. In addition to the main orchestra, choir and band classes, she also plays her saxophone in the school's jazz band and sings in TX (Trojan Express), but Anna proudly claims that she's really "an orchestra person." She started learning the violin in the fourth grade, quit for a couple of years, and then rejoined the orchestra program in seventh grade.

"I started with the violin, but then I thought it would be fun to try the cello. But I didn't like the cello," she explained about her orchestra hiatus.

When she became a seventh-grader, a new orchestra teacher, Melanie Loy, took over the program, and Anna was compelled to pick up the violin once again. It was "kind of tough," to get back up to speed on the instrument initially, but Anna persevered, and she plans to continue that musical pursuit in college.

"I'm very analytical about everything, and orchestra music in particular has these intense rhythms, while choral music has more lyrical passages," she explained about what she likes playing in the orchestra. "It's fun to dissect that and dig into it."

The high school's musical productions have provided some of Anna's favorite memories of her high school career. This year, she had the role of Miss Lynch, the school principal, in "Grease." When she was just a sophomore, she played one of the leads, Golde, in "Fiddler on the Roof."

Anna is involved in National Honor Society, currently serving as its treasurer, and is vice president of the student council. Somehow, she also finds the time to be gainfully employed, working part-time at the First State Bank Southwest Wal-Mart branch.

"I've been working there since April of my sophomore year," she said. "It's nice, because they're open later hours, but no Sundays, no holidays."

As a member of Worthington Christian Church, Anna participates in its Praise Team, another outlet for her musical talents.

Anna admits that she gets a kick out of being on the trap-shooting team, watching the surprise that crosses people's faces when she mentions that activity.

"My Uncle Scott (Oberloh), he started the team when I was a freshman," she explained. "He was trying to scrounge up all the team members he could get. I hadn't shot a gun before, but I got my gun safety certificate and started, and I've been doing it ever since. Everybody just looks at me when I say I'm in trap shooting. It's fun to see people's reactions, but it's something that I do enjoy. I use one of my grandpa's guns."

As a 4.0 student, Anna also has to crack the books. Some seniors, Anna noted, tend to take easier classes as they wind down their final year of high school, but she's tried to keep her coursework challenging. This final semester, her schedule includes the three music classes, honors world history, advanced placement calculus and one that she took just for fun, film studies. For that class, the students watch films such as "Dead Poets Society" and "Life Is Beautiful," leading to discussion and essays.

"I took AP lit this year, and that helped my essay writing," Anna noted. "Brit lit was probably my favorite class. Mrs. Rowe made it so much fun. We made a video about 'Macbeth.' One of my friends was the anchor, and we interviewed all the characters from the play."

Anna appreciated her foray into English literature, but it was a science class that has catapulted her toward a future career path.

"I took AP chem last year, and it really intrigued me," said Anna. "It's the aspect of 'why,' how you see something happen and then you learn the reasons of why it happens."

So, when fall rolls around, Anna will head off to Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D., where she plans to major in chemistry.

"I've gotten some scholarships from there," she said. "And that's where my brother (Matt) goes, although he'll be graduating this spring, so I'll just miss him. But he's really liked it there. I'm going to start off with chemistry, jump right in. You hear stories about how people always change their major, but at this point, that's what I'm hoping to do. ... I'd like to do some sort of scientific research."

The scholarships to which Anna referred are both academic and music, and she plans to play in the Augustana orchestra. She also hopes to get involved in some sort of campus ministry. After an interview process, Anna was named as a recipient of a $2,500 travel stipend from the college, which will allow her to study abroad as a college freshman.

"Next spring I'll get to go to Scotland, just over spring break," she explained. "I'll take a class before I go over there, learn about the history and culture and then go and experience it."

That opportunity, of course, is something Anna greatly anticipates. But there's still a bit of high school to experience before she moves on, such as the upcoming prom on April 28.

"I'm more of a savorer," Anna said about how she's approached her senior year. "This year, I've gotten more friends in the younger classes, so it's going to be tough to leave all them and not see their stories, but I know I'll have my own new experiences and make new friends."

Perhaps because of the friendships she's developed, Anna isn't as anxious as some of her classmates to leave Worthington High School behind.

"It's always a yes and no thing," she reflected. "You've got to move on and do bigger and better things, but it's tough to leave everything you're comfortable with behind. You just learn what everything is about, and then it's time to move on."

Despite any reluctance she might feel, Anna says she's ready to test her wings.

"I'm a rule follower, so I follow the restraints," Anna admitted. "... I'm ready for more individual responsibility than I've had. Everyone reaches that point at different times, but I think I'm ready."

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