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Permits approved for new swine nursery in Grand Prairie Township

WORTHINGTON -- The Nobles County Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit Wednesday night for Sy Lonneman & Sons, Adrian, to construct an 80- by 124-foot total confinement barn to house 2,000 head of nursery pigs in the northeast quarter of Section 1, Grand Prairie Township. The barn, to be constructed with a concrete pit below, will be located to the east of two existing barns.

Nobles County Feedlot Officer Al Langseth said the permit had already received verbal approval from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Planning and Zoning board members approved the Lonneman permit with one condition -- that manure from the facility be incorporated.

Earlier in the meeting, Mark and Chris Lonneman appeared before the Nobles County Board of Adjustment to request an "after-the-fact" variance for a 41- by 372-foot total confinement barn constructed in 2002 in the northeast quarter of Section 1, Grand Prairie Township. The building was constructed 100 feet from the road, 150 feet short of the minimum required setback of 250 feet.

"The construction was already completed, and in fact the second building was completed (in 2005)," said Nobles County Environmental Services Director Wayne Smith. He said the Lonnemans received a conditional use permit for the first barn on another site, but decided to construct it across the section after discussing the project with a neighbor. By changing the site, a conditional use permit was no longer needed because the site was far enough from any neighbors.

"The permit clearly said 250 feet," said Smith. He said the barn is located along a minimum maintenance road and the Grand Prairie Township board expressed support for allowing the after-the-fact variance.

The Board of Adjustment approved the request, and then approved a request for the Lonnemans to vary 70 feet from the required 250-foot setback to construct the 80- by 123-foot nursery barn on the same site.

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