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Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office makes cocaine arrest

WINDOM -- The Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office and their drug task force has had a busy couple of months, which has culminated in several arrests for illegal drug sales.

An investigation into cocaine distribution resulted in a first-degree controlled substance sale charge against Cody Terrance Maznio of Windom just days before his 20th birthday.

The charge was filed last week, stemming from controlled buys which took place in August and September 2011. With four controlled buys, authorities were able to take more than 19 grams of cocaine off the streets.

The criminal complaint states a purchase using a confidential informant (CI) took place Aug. 27, 2011 at or near a bank in Windom.

Officers were able to observe Maznio arrive in a red vehicle, then were informed by the CI that they buy had taken place.

They watched as the vehicle then headed to Riverview Apartments.

The following day, the CI made an additional purchase from Maznio near another business in the city of Windom.

Sept. 1, a CI made a cocaine purchase from Maznio, purchasing 6.4 grams of the substance for $700.

Less than a week later, accompanied by an undercover agent from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), a CI purchased 6.6 grams of cocaine for $500 at Tegel Park.

The undercover agent discussed future purchases with Maznio, who allegedly stated he gets his cocaine from St. James or Worthington.

Maznio was arrested in 2009 for operating a motor boat while intoxicated, and at age 17 was accused of third-degree assault with substantial bodily harm.

He was adjudicated as a minor for the crime and given a 90 day sentence, stayed on the condition he write a letter of apology to the victim and attend anger management classes.

He was placed on probation, but in November 2010 sentenced to another 90 day stayed sentence for approbation violation, followed by another probation violation in January 2011.

He was discharged from probation in May 2011.

Maznio is scheduled to make his first court appearance on the cocaine charges May 21.

The Cottonwood County Drug Task Force made several methamphetamine sale arrests in late April, charging Francisco Mendez, 27, Tanya Schwartzenberger, 35, Bremer Lee Glidden, 36, Scarlett Suzanne Tanner, 20, and Joshua David Rutgers, 28, with first-degree controlled substance sale.